PRP Vampire Facial


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What is the PRP Vampire Facial?
The vampire facial is a skin treatment combining platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with micro-needling. By using one’s own biological cells, this procedure promotes collagen and elastin production, resulting in vibrant, younger looking skin with improved skin texture and tone.
Blood plasma contains platelets and many types of growth factors. When properly extracted, PRP turns your blood into your own naturally derived growth serum to promote skin rejuvenation. PRP is obtained by drawing a small blood sample and spinning it in a centrifuge to concentrate your body’s own platelets and growth factors. PRP paired with micro-needling supercharges the skin’s vitality.

Why choose Stein Aesthetics?
Stein Aesthetics has perfected a micro-injection technique to administer PRP. This method is almost painless. PRP and other skin treatments at Stein Aesthetics are safely performed either by a physician, or an experienced medical aesthetician supervised by a physician.

Am I a good candidate?
PRP is a very safe and effective treatment for all skin types and individuals who wish to improve their skin quality. The depth of the micro-needle can be adjusted to meet individual needs and objectives. This low-risk procedure is a good option for individuals who are not good candidates for lasers, such as those with darker skin types.

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Did you know?
PRP and micro-needling are effective on several areas of the body, such as the décolleté, neck, hands, and scalp. Stein Aesthetics hair division uses advanced PRP and micro-needling on the scalp to promote hair growth.